Keep It Down

With these things there’s no telling, we just have to wait and see, but I’d rather be working for a paycheck, than waiting to win the lottery.

I am so proud of this group.

This made me laugh, because it was quite unexpected.

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This is why I should never be allowed to have children.

buster, you’re 8 years old. stop having an existential crisis.

(You’d have one too if you were 8 for 14 seasons)

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just reminiscing on some awesome times with this girl. 

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So is water-skiing.
Happiness is pretty great.

Happiness is pretty great.

Deep (steep) Tea Diver

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Life Update

So now that I have entered the adult world, I have:

-Been on a committee

-Impacted multiple students lives in a way that they have thanked me for

-Been incredibly stressed/rewarded

-Fallen for somebody

-Formed strong friendships

-Seen more of the world

-Been down to my last dollar

-Realized that it doesn’t get better than this

Being read to is awesome.

Note to Self:

Self: Listen to more Wye Oak